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Our History

In 2017 Sureway celebrated its 40th birthday. The school was started in 1977 by Alan and Katrina Jackson, when they recognised a need for quality swimming lessons in Bedfordshire. In 2006 the school was taken over by Jane White, who expanded and developed the swim school. Since April 2016 Sureway School of Swimming has been owned and run by Sasha Wood.

Sasha has over ten years experience of working with swimmers of all ages and abilities. She was originally inspired by her grandmother, a once prominent swimming teacher in Bedford, and has taught in a variety of swim schools throughout Bedfordshire and abroad, even working in Australia. Working with children and young people is second nature to Sasha and she considers running Sureway to be her ideal career.

At Sureway we believe in an holistic approach to the teaching and learning of swimming. The individual needs of your child will be met by our ASA qualified swimming teachers. We endeavour to inspire all learners through our own enthusiasm for swimming. Our ethos is based on building trusting relationships; we will motivate those we teach to feel confident, to achieve their full potential so, ultimately, you can see noticeable progress in your child’s/children’s swimming ability.


What to expect at Sureway Swimming School

You can expect to receive high standards of teaching. We maintain a 1:8 teacher to child ratio. In the younger classes there will be a ratio of 2:8, one of the adults being a teachers’ helper. In the early stages of learning to swim teachers will focus on developing confidence in the water. There are many components to this. Entry and exit of the water is the initial stage; this may start with use of steps or a swivel entry from the side. Young swimmers will then progress to floatation and balance in the water. Initially aids will be used, these will be reduced throughout the term as progress is made. The more a swimmer’s confidence grows the more skills they will develop – progressing to aquatic breathing. Swimmers learn to be at ease with water around the face, they will start blowing bubbles and in doing so develop the skill to breath correctly. From the very start we want to develop a safe and confident swimmer.


The Learning Process

Other components of the learning process are rotation and orientation. Young swimmers are taught how to turn around, lie on their backs and fronts and from these positions regain a standing position. They will learn about body streamlining and why it is important to be streamlined in the water they will be shown methods of travel and develop the necessary coordination to enable them to move forwards, backwards, sideways; and explore other ways in which they can travel in the water. As our swimmers become more familiar with the swimming pool and their surroundings they will be given a basic understanding of water safety and how to be safe around, not just the pool they have lessons in, but water in general.

Swimming Aids

We provide tummy bands and arm discs at Sureway for your use in lesson time. Aids are used to make sure the swimmer adopts the correct body position in the water – horizontal. If your child has been asked to put a tummy band on it should not be a seen as a retrograde move. To make progress in swimming the swimmer must be in the correct body position. As time passes and progress is made the tummy band and arm discs will decrease. Ultimately we want our swimmers in the correct body position, unaided. It is important to respect and trust the teachers’ understanding of when aids should be used/decreased or removed.


Awards and the Assessment Process

We follow the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming and use their award scheme. This offers a variety of certificates and badges that can be achieved as a swimmer progresses. Very young swimmers start with the Duckling awards and progress to Stages, Water Skills, Rainbow distances and Challenge awards. Awards are a great incentive to help keep individuals motivated in their swimming. However, an award can only be given when the criteria for the award has been met fully. We do not guarantee that every swimmer will achieve an award each term. Assessment goes on throughout the term and awards can be ordered from week four of the swimming term.

Our Mission Statement

Sureway School of Swimming aims to provide a safe happy learning experience for all pupils regardless of: age, gender, culture, ethnicity or disability.

The teaching provided will give all children the opportunity to swim and develop their knowledge of water safety. Sureway School of Swimming will provide affordable, structured, progressive lessons. The school will provide qualified caring staff who have satisfactory DBS checks. All staff will be fully aware of their duty of care for children taking part in swimming sessions, and while poolside, e.g. during periods of registration.

All staff will be aware of health and safety issues relating to individuals. All staff will be fully aware of, and implement, the school’s policies regarding: child protection, data protection, pupil photography, health and safety, equal opportunities and anti-bullying. All staff will make time to liaise with parents/carers regarding their child’s progress/problems and concerns. Sureway School of Swimming will adhere to the requirements of the Data Protection Act: teaching staff will only have access to relevant information about pupils, e.g. age, ability, health and safety issues. The Swim School is a registered member of the ASA Swim School Scheme, and is fully insured. It has in place: child protection, anti-bullying and photography policies. As part of our Child Protection Policy, the photography of children during swimming lessons is, unfortunately, not allowed; this includes the use of cameras within phones.